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Pond Maintenance in Calgary, AB And Surrounding Areas

Algae Remediation

If your current system is over run with long stringy algae or your water is discoloured then it is most likely due to lack of proper filtration. ATS Pond Maintenance has the solution. Contact Us today for a free consultation as to how we can reduce and even eliminate your algae issues. Put our in-depth aquaculture experience to work in your water feature and get clear water... GUARANTEED!

Maintenance Packages

ATS Pond Maintenance recognizes that your water feature is unique and will customize a maintenance package to suit your feature and budget - eliminating the non-essentials and related costs that often come with generic maintenance packages.

Be GUARANTEED to get the most value for your money with an ATS Pond Maintenance custom designed maintenance package. Tailored to suit your feature and budget - eliminating the nonessentials and related costs that often come with generic maintenance packages.

Repairs, Retrofitting and Reconstruction General Repairs

Whether it be for your water feature, hardscape or lighting we do all types of repairs. Give us a call with your concern and we will take care of it with care and efficiency.


Unfortunately many contractors will install “Pond Kits” which are inefficient and may within a year become a maintenance nightmare leading to repeat service calls. In contrast ATS custom designs and builds each and every water feature, installing only the best products for that specific job - ensuring minimal maintenance. However, if your pre-existing pond was built with a “pond kit” we are able to help as we have perfected the retrofit process. This allows us to install the proper quality components and effectively rework your pond for a fraction of the cost of a complete conversion.

Full Conversions

If your pond is irreparable or is just in dire need of a complete overhaul then you have come to the right place. We will redesign, completely remove and recreate a new custom water feature.